The countdown has begun for commuters waiting to get to Dallas and Houston with quickness!

According to KBTX Texas Central has signed a $16 billion contract with an industrial group named Webuild who will lead the construction that will build the high-speed rail line.

The contract will execute all heavy construction designing and building the nearly 250-mile path through Texas.

Over 37,000 jobs are expected to be up for grabs during this project.

The train is expected to run every thirty minutes.

Commuters will go from Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes, and the train will stop in Brazos Valley near Texas A&M University.

Two months ago, counties in Brazos Valley filed a lawsuit to stop the high-speed rail train claiming it will hit rural and minority communities along the proposed route.

Based on the deal signed, I imagine authorities will find a way to appease residents.

For example, one landowner who owns property that has a 140-year-old farm that would be demolished should the project become successful.

The rail system will be based on Japan Railway’s Tokaido Shinkansen system and will be the world’s safest mass transportation system, carrying travelers at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour!

The fastest in the U.S. by far!

I can't wait!


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