This makes no sense. What is wrong with people?

A Texas teacher has resigned after she sprayed hand sanitizer in a student's hand and then lit the student on fire.

What Happened?

NBC DFW reports 
 According to
Lieutenant Russell Grizzard

The Teacher Let Other Students Try The Fiery Experiment Too

It should be noted that this was done as a science experiment. Students participated in the experiment in previous classes too, but there were no other reported injuries. It just seems to have gone terribly wrong this time.


According to TODAY, Grizzard said, "It looks like every class that day had a group of students that volunteered to do it. There was also another classroom that was doing the same thing where there was no incident."

Why a teacher would permit students to perform a highly dangerous experiment like this is totally beyond me.

The burned student was reportedly discharged from the hospital, according to a Facebook post by their father.

Teachers are always looking for ways to make learning more fun and get kids hyped for their lessons, but if your experiment involves setting a kid on may be time to rethink the lesson plan.

There are too many things that can go wrong

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