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Texas high school student stabs 2 classmates
Three Abilene high school students who agreed to fight each other find themselves in an unfortunate situation.
According to Fox San Antonio, the fight occurred in the cafeteria of their school and the altercation stemmed from tension as far back as last year...
Second Annual Veggie Arts Fest in Killeen January 18th
Get ready for the Second Annual Veggie Festival on January 18th at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center!
This year there will be vendors, cooking demonstrations, guest speakers, entertainment, free giveaways, and art competition.
There will be a discussion panel with Grey, Chef Nikki, and Tabitha B…
Trey the Choklit Jok's 6 predictions for the year 2020
So if you check my record over the years I’ve been pretty good with these predictions having to be accurate at or about 60% of the time,100% of the time.
Without further delay, here are my top 5 pop-culture sports political predictions for the year 2020:
Number one- I think 2020 will continue to flus…

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