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Travel from Dallas to Houston in 90 minutes?
Don't know if you've ever seen those high-speed rail trains that can travel at speeds of 200 mph or more, making commutes to....well wherever, relatively quick.
Well, those same high-speed rail trains are coming to Texas, in a historic groundbreaking move...
See What Had Happened Was, Watch Trey's Facebook Show
So every week I host a Facebook live show every Wednesday at 9 pm CST with my old co-host from when I did Chicago radio, Alexx Dupri.
We touch on the week's hot topics, Roy Jones vs. Mike Tyson, Breonna Taylor Settlement,
I will share my weekly episodes with yall (just because you asked for it)
Construction in Temple on Midway Drive
Drivers in Temple that take Midway Drive may want to be mindful of upcoming construction.
Starting Monday and for the next three months, construction will begin as workers repurpose the left-hand turn lane to an eastbound lane of traffic.

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