Summer season is right around the corner, which means in with the new and out with the old hahaha. Everyone knows as soon the heat hits all winter relationships become non-existent.

With that being said we must get prepared for those summer dates, you know those long nights on the beach and the walks in the park (If you get to experience this then lucky you). I have created a list of things you should NOT do while on a date. Check them out!

1) Do NOT get DRUNK. I do not care how much they try and pressure you to drink while on the date pleaseeeeee know your limit. It is nothing more unattractive than someone who can not handle their liquor.

2) Do NOT talk about your ex. You can talk about your ex over the phone. Honestly, who wants to sit at a dinner table and hear anyone complain about the past.

3) Stay off the phone! It is so rude to pay more attention to whose texting you more then whose sitting in front of you.

4) Do NOT brag! It's okay to give them a glimpse of your life but no one wants to sit for hours and hear you only talk about your self.

5) Do not order EVERY DAMN THING (Trey suggested this) always stay considerate of the other person pockets. Especially, if this is a first date.

6) Do NOT be a BITCH- Don't talk about how ugly someone looks, don't threaten to smack anybody and certainly do not be rude to the waitress. If that's really who you are save it for the 5th date lol it's a HUGE turn off.

7) Do not hide important information such as kids! Always be upfront. If your date can't handle it then that should be the first and last date.

So now that you've read over the list- you better kill that date!


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