Jacquees ran into some trouble in South Beach, Miami on Wednesday (March 21) when an altercation with police led to him being roughed up and arrested.

It's unclear exactly what charges the 23-year-old Cash Money singer is facing, but he was pulled over when an officer noticed he wasn't wearing a seatbelt behind the wheel of his black Lamborghini while driving down Ocean Avenue, a main stretch of Miami Beach.

According to NBC Miami, the officer then tried to pull Jacquees over, but he continued driving. When he finally did pull to the side of the road, he stepped out of the car and told police not to touch him.

Things went downhill from there, as a crowd gathered and began filming while police forcefully took Jacquees into custody. A Miami-Dade County Police report wrote that the singer "disrupted the peace and quiet and public morals of bystanders on a busy spring break day on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach."

"If the defendant would have complied since he was being pulled over, this incident could have been avoided," it continued.

Whatever the situation may be, Jacquees wasn't in custody for very long. Shortly after his arrest he was released on a $1,000 bond and later posted a video of himself jet skiing with some friends.

It doesn't look like his run-in with the law is holding him back from his vacation, so hopefully it won't interfere with any music he has on the way either. He was recently nominated for an iHeartRadio Music Award for his hit song "B.E.D. (Remix)", and has been teasing a joint project with Chris Brown.

Watch the footage of Jacquees' arrest and him subsequently enjoying his freedom below.

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