It's almost that time of year again!! Yaaaaasss, the 7th Annual Caribbean Afr'am Festival!

This two-day event beginning on August 5th and ending on the 6th, highlights the affluent culture of African American in the Diasporas, West Indies, and Africans abroad! This will be a celebration and promotion of cultural awareness and diversity, with music and live performances, dancing, food (of course!), games and tournaments, and plenty of vendors!

Poster via SBRCA
Poster via SBRCA

Come out and dive into the culture and mingle and have an IRIE time!

This event is sponsored by Songhai Bamboo Roots Cultural Association (SBRCA), a nonprofit, charitable organization that was formed in 2003.

SBRCA's mission statement on their website is stated as such:

Our Vision  is to: Uplift and strengthen the minds of our youth and young adults through programs and activities with emphasis on Unity, Self Determination, Collective Works and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith.


Written by Nhayah Goode

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