This year our staff got really into finding 'cold spots' and haunted places in Central Texas and it was our most popular series in 2016. Texas - like many states in the U.S. - has a bloody history, which is home to endless stories that provide education of our local history. They're also pretty scary too, if you believe in the supernatural.

So here are our top haunted stories of 2016. Click on the headlines to see the full story.

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    Haunted Tales of Maxdale Bridge in Killeen

    The Temple Daily Telegram once wrote: "The deserted Maxdale Bridge southwest of Killeen looks like the perfect setting for a plethora of ghost stories."

    This bridge in Killeen has been blocked off and is a state landmark. Check out the scary stories revolving around this bridge.

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    Haunted Belton: Central Avenue is One of the Most Haunted Blocks in All of Texas

    Thanks to the help of Ghost Wagon Tours, we got the inside scoop many hauntings in Belton. Rick Bell took us through many different areas in Belton, first giving us a haunted tour of Central Avenue and the four secrets revolving around the haunted street.

    Chris Varville
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    The Legend Behind the Ghost of the Girl in Presser Hall at UMHB

    According to UMHB’s website, classrooms, faculty offices as well as a piano and organ practice rooms are located in this building. Students of UMHB have claimed unexplained things have occurred in the building such as the piano playing on its own, footsteps from the fifth floor, the elevator door opening and closing and an image of a girl can be viewed from the top floor window.

    Elizabeth Varville
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    This Belton Home is the Site to a Brutal Massacre in the 1800s

    On May 25, 1874 around 1 a.m. a vigilante of 103 mounted masked men approached the Belton City Jail in one of the most violent massacres in Texas History.

    Chris Varville
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    People Think This Killeen Thrift Store Is Haunted

    This Texas Thrift Shop on East Veterans in Killeen has tons of locals thinking it's haunted. The story goes that she stood in the lobby looking out the window at the rain when she suddenly shot herself right there in the bookstore.

    Fast forward to recent times when the BPR site says they caught up to a man who has witnessed the old “Hastings Books” ghost, and it even attacked him.

    via Google Maps
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    Haunted Belton: Yettie Polk Forever Lives

    According to, in December of 1913, during the “Great Flood of 1913” unrelenting floods caused the Guadalupe and Trinity Rivers to swell; the Brazos and Colorado Rivers joined to inundate more than 3,000 square miles of Central Texas. One hundred and eighty people died in Bell County, mostly Belton, and suffered $5 million in damages due to the massive flood.

    Elizabeth Varville
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    Haunted Belton: Belton Train Depot Haunted by Temple Police Officer

    The folklore states the station is being haunted by a Temple Chief of Police who had been shot and killed by a Bell County Police Officer as he exited a train at the depot in Belton.

    We have to ask the question: did this event ignite the Belton-Temple rivalry?

    As we dig deeper, there actually might be a different reason all together.

    Elizabeth Varville

    Have You Visited the Most Haunted Place in Texas?

    Thought Catalog put together a list of the most haunted locations in every state. You can wipe that sweat off your brow because you’ll have to travel to Houston to visit Texas’ most haunted location.

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