This is absolutely ridiculous and heartbreaking. Two people were killed Monday morning at a backyard gathering in Fort Worth, including a Texas man who was literally beaten to death with bricks.

According to NBC DFW, a man became very upset with the people at the party and left.

 He later returned with a gun and opened fire on multiple people, injuring one person.
Reportedly, the unnamed gunman was hit multiple times with landscaping bricks by people chasing him from the party.
Police say he killed one person as he continued to shoot into the crowd of people who chased him.
He was then stopped and was struck multiple times with at least one landscaping brick.
He later died on the scene.
I'm sure the purpose of the gathering was to have a good time, so to learn how it ended is truly disappointing. Whatever the argument was about, I can guarantee you it wasn't worth people dying over.
Many opposing a new law that goes into effect on September 1st, which allows people 21 and up without a permit or training to carry a handgun in Texas, can argue that situations like this could be prevented if stricter gun laws were imposed.

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