One of the very few TV shows my wife Lindsay and I actually watch together when snuggled up in our Texas home is Top Chef. We are obviously invested in this season's show for a couple of reasons, one is there are three competitors from Texas, and the other is it was filmed in Milwaukee and Madison (the first city we lived in after getting married), Wisconsin.

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One of the most impressive qualities of the Top Chef competitors is their resume accolades. So many of them have been James Beard winners or finalists, and often some of the participants have a history of working in a Michelin Star awarded restaurant.

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This season even features a past finalist from one of the French version of Top Chef. The French love their food, and would no doubt boast their worst competitors are far superior to any in America.

Three Texas Restaurants Now Nominated The Best In America

Top Chef just two seasons ago was filmed in Houston, and they did Texas back in season 9.

If you are looking for simply a James Beard nominated experience, there are several options. However, if you are wanting to dine at a James Beard 2024 semi-finalist restaurant, you only have three options this year in Texas.

Your choices are:

  1. Convenience West, a bar-b-que joint in Marfa.
  2. Mixtli, a progressive culinaria in San Antonio.
  3. Nancy's Hustle, a modern American restaurant in Houston.

Will also add the only border state eatery to be a semi-finalist, The Compound in Santa Fe, NM.

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