Amid a growing firestorm of police brutality protests and an investigation into the death of Javier Ambler, who died in police custody while "Live PD" cameras were rolling, A&E has decided to cancel the series once and for all.

According to Variety, A&E had opted to not air any new episodes of “Live PD” last weekend in the wake of worldwide protests over the deaths George Floyd and others. But the news got worse for the series and its producers when shortly after their announcement, news broke that a camera crew from “Live PD” last year filmed the death of 40 year old Javier Ambler - a black man who graduated from Ellison High School in Killeen -  while in custody by Williamson County Sheriff's officers.

Ambler died when Williamson County deputies deployed tasers onto Ambler after a short chase over a traffic infraction. In the struggle with officers, Ambler told them that he had congestive heart failure and was heard telling officers "I can't breathe" on several occasions while cameras from the hit TV show "Live PD" captured the entire incident.

The Statesman and KVUE reported that A&E had confirmed that the “Live PD” video no longer exists, but the newspaper and TV station obtained video of Ambler’s final moments from an Austin police officer’s bodycam. They report that dashcam video from Williamson County deputies has not been released.

There are growing calls for Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody to resign due to accusations of his department's failure to cooperate with the investigation.


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