After a year of troubled behavior, Amanda Bynes has been moved to UCLA's psychiatric unit, where doctors are treating her schizophrenia symptoms.

Amanda Bynes 2013
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What started out earlier this year as tabloid worthy behavior has taken a serious turn, as Amanda Bynes' mental health is now in serious question. Although sources say Bynes is slightly improving, there is still apparently a long way to go before the troubled child star is ready to re-enter the real world.

According to that same source, Amanda's team at UCLA believes she would benefit from an extended stay, receiving treatment for the rest of the year. However, it appears Amanda is not on board, with this idea. Right now it seems like the only way to get Bynes to stay is by awarding her mother, Lynn, with permanent conservatorship.

The bright side is, doctors say with the right treatment and medication, Bynes should be able to return to society as a productive member. The key is staying on medication. I'm crossing my  fingers for Bynes to stay and receive the treatment she needs.

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