Amanda Bynes made a name for herself as an actor onTV shows All That, The Amanda Show and a bunch of big-screen movies, but now she's dipped into the world of rap.

On Wednesday (Jan. 20), Bynes used her Instagram account to unload "Diamonds," a rap song featuring herself and another artist by the name of Precise. You can listen to the song below.

On the track, Amanda raps for just over 10 seconds and she doesn't really bother rhyming, though that's not necessarily a requirement. "Diamonds, diamonds on my neck, on my wrist," raps Bynes, who previously uploaded a video of herself rapping the lyrics to A$AP Rocky's Testing album song "Forever" to Instagram last June.

Needless to say, Bynes' new verse is pretty unexpected. There's no word on whether there's a longer version of the 1-minute song or if she's recording more tracks. Fans will just have to wait and see.

The last time Bynes' name intersected with rap culture on a major scale was back in 2013. That was the year there were reports that Waka Flocka Flame was producing a rap album she was making. That's also when she tweeted that she wanted Drake to "murder" her vagina. In a 2017 interview years later, she said she was on drugs at the time. In the same discussion, she confirmed that she'd been sober for three years.

Although she rose to fame as an actor, she's since become a fashion designer. Salute to Bynes for trying new things.

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