AMC Movie theaters are preparing to reopen.

After three months of complete shutdown, the world's largest movie theater chain is preparing to reopen its doors in July.

According to the entertainment hub chief executive, they expect to have 97-98% of their locations open, but this is contingent on if flare-ups of the coronavirus don't happen. If everything goes as planned, the first stage of reopening will limit movies, and the times they play.

Recently State guidelines have allowed the reopening of movie theaters while other States haven't reached that phase yet. Many movies that were set to release in the last few months have been pushed back or published on home streaming sites.

Would you be here for the reopening of movie theaters?

I can stick to Netflix, Firestick, and Drive-In movies until I know that we are entirely out of the woods with Covid-19. I'm not here for sitting in the dark with a bunch of people eating popcorn with no mask. Y'all can have it.

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