Now is the time to start making steps to wipe out racism.

There are offensive names to sports teams (Washington Redskins) and there are millions of people that feel the Confederate flag is offensive.

Depending on who you ask, the Confederate flag represents two things:

Southern pride or slavery/racism.

Because of what's going on with the issue of race in America, it's time to take down symbols that remind us of our racist past.

That being the Confederate Flag.

According to the Dallas Morning News, there are nearly a dozen major bases and installations in the United States Army, including Fort Hood, that are named after Confederate military commanders.

That has made Defense Secretary Mark Esper consider having a bipartisan discussion on the topic, according to an Army Spokesman.

Reportedly Fort Hood, Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia are all named after Confederate leaders.

The Killeen Daily Herald reports that this isn’t the first attempt to rename Fort Hood.

In the past, the National League Of United Latin American Citizens approved a resolution to rename it after retired sergeant Roy Benavidez, an army veteran from Texas who earned the medal of honor and five Purple Hearts.

Why not give him the honor?

Fort Hood, the world's largest military installation, is named after Gen. John Bell Hood of Kentucky, who lost the use of his left arm at the battle of Gettysburg fighting for the Confederacy.

Because it is named after a Confederate leader, should the name of Fort Hood and other army installations be changed?


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