So last week, I shared with you 5 things I never knew about the state of Texas.


Next week on the 15th will make 9 months that I have lived here and I keep finding out cool ish!


So, again perusing saw 5 MORE little known facts (to me of course) about Texas, that I will share!


First of all Texans eat a lot of damn barbeque.


Ok now that, that's out of the way.....



1) While I love driving to Austin to party, this part about the city I can do without.

There is a bridge in Austin that is home to the world's largest urban bat colony.

Yes.                                                        Bats.

In fact, people make it an event to watch 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats

shoot out from under the Bridge every night.  

Brown Long-eared Bat (Plecotus auritus)

2) Speaking of bats, there's a cave in San Antonio, Texas that is home to the world's largest bat colony as well.  



Ok. let's change the subject, now......





3) In Katy, Texas there is the world's widest freeway with 26 freaking lanes!

                                             Yes! 26 freaking lanes!!!!

(I can't wait to drive on it, now I just need a reason to go to Katy,Texas) 





4) Austin is known as the Live Music Capital Of The World!

From what I can see, I don't think you can call yourself a legitimate artist if you haven't played somewhere in Austin right?

And rock a cool beard, and be weird like the people in Austin, right?!

Keep Austin Weird!

Getty Images



5) One last thing I found out on the site.

Texas is the largest producer of crude oil in North America.

Oil that is.

Black Gold.

Texas Tea. 

Bloomberg via Getty Images


Stay tuned,  I'm sure there is more I haven't discovered!




In the meantime, can anybody find the Texas Tom Cat?!??!