So we all know its a scam, but we fall for it anyway.

You know how when you have an iPhone charger cord maybe 3 to 4 months or so, and depending on the where and how you use it and how many times you’ve unplugged it change the socket etc. etc. you’ll eventually have to replace that cord?

Now going to the gas station and getting a cheap cord for maybe 10 bucks will only hold you over for maybe 2 to 3 weeks or so and then guess what? You got to get another cord!

Apple just announced that they'll be switching to a USB-C port, which means different devices such as Android and Microsoft devices will be compatible.

Another plus is the speed. The new cord has double the power and you'll see your phone charge twice as fast as the traditional USB cord.

The old cords will eventually become obsolete though, so you gonna have to shell out a little more money for the new cord. So Apple is getting smart, but at the same time they’re still stealing our money LOL!

iphone cord


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