"Micro-cheating" a term that many of us are still trying to wrap our heads around. According to BBC Micro-cheating as "any act or behavior by someone in a relationship which might suggest to a third party that they are emotionally or physically available." Do you find yourself flirting with the thought of infidelity?

Buzzfeed decided to poll thousands of Americans to find out what they consider micro-cheating. Due to the fact that micro-cheating is such a gray area, we are having to decide for ourselves what is and is not acceptable in a relationship. What better way to find out what is acceptable than asking our peers?

Staying in touch with an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend: 14% said it's cheating.

Deleting apps like Bumble and Hinge from your phone, but not delete your dating profile. 8% said it counts as cheating.

Confiding in someone you're attracted to, instead of your partner. 25% determined it is cheating.

Meeting up with someone, telling your SO it's work-related when it isn't. 54% said YES, that's cheating. And another 42% said it's at least suspicious.

Sending a heart, wink emoji in a flirtatious way. 49% said it's cheating, and 43% of people would be very concerned.

Having a "work wife" or "work husband." 19% said it's a clear case of cheating. 31% said it's okay. The other 50% said it's not cheating, but it's weird

Sexting someone else, but not getting physical with them. 91% said it's definitely cheating. (If you disagree, we need to talk.)

If you read some of these signs of micro-cheating and you're guilty of doing these things, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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