Wait a minute: is the food in your refrigerator still good?

As some Central TX residents begin to get their power restored the big question of what to keep in the fridge is troubling many.

For the last couple of days, households all over Texas have experienced the loss of power in which many began to worry about food that was stored in the refrigerator. With the weather being at an all time low, groceries may have remained at room temperature but does that mean it's still good to eat?

The CDC recommends if your fridge has been without power for just four hours, throw the food away. You have 48 hours in a full freezer; 24 hours in a half-full freezer.

It's also being said that you can safely refreeze or cook thawed out food that is 40 degrees or below or that still has ice crystals.

Residents should be mindful that if your refrigerator is cold now it may have not been cold while you were away.

If you are in doubt, be on the safe side and toss it out.

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