Both Waco ISD and Midway ISD are looking for more substitute teachers for the upcoming school year.

Traci Marlin, the Public Information Officer for Midway ISD, tells of FOX 44 News that the district expects teachers who are quarantined to be away for as long as two weeks, which means they'll need substitute teachers to put in a great deal of time.

"That’s not just a few days until you feel better," Martin told KWKT. "So we’re thinking that’s going to be a significant amount of time that we’re going to need subs in the building.”

Martin said substitutes may even face less pressure this year, as teachers quarantined at home could be still be teaching from home. That would mean subs would likely be managing aspects of the classroom teachers can't manage remotely.

Dr. Josie Gutierrez, the Assistant Superintendent of HR with Waco ISD, says they are trying to double the number of substitute teachers. He tells KWKT they usually start the year with around 200 subs, but that the district is looking to double that number in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are an out of work teacher looking to be a substitute teacher, or just looking for more info, here are the links to find out more: Waco ISD, here. Midway ISD, here.

This school year's going to be uniquely challenging to say the least, but it's cool to see opportunities arising as districts plan as best they can for what may lie ahead. Of course, none of us can really know what this school year is going to look like, so best of luck to all our Central Texas students and staff as they take on 2020-2021.

If you want to help students get off to a great start this year, we're still accepting donations of school supplies for our annual Stuff the Bus campaign. Today (August 14) is the last day to hit up these drop-off locations across Central Texas:

Tomorrow (August 15) you can join us at the Law Office of Brett H. Pritchard in Killeen for our Stuff the Bus wrap-up. We'll take your donations from 9 AM to Noon, so if you haven't had a chance to stop by one of the drop-off locations or you want to say hi to us when you donate, plan to swing by. Just be sure to wear your mask and bring some hand sanitizer. Better safe than sorry.

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