International Left-handers Day is amongst us!

Raise your hand in the air if you are a lefty..okay now put it down because I can’t really see you!

Did you know that August 13th was International Left-Handers day? In 1992 the Left Handers club launched International day which was an annual event to celebrate & bring awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left handed. This event is now celebrated world wide including in the U.K.

According to sources between 5 and 26 percent of the total population is left handed.

Left handers struggle with a ton of frustrations that righty’s could never understand. Could you imagine having to find a new desk because it was made for a right hander or how about sitting in a booth and never having enough arm space because your left arm is in the way? The struggle is real.

I am charging all of my right hand friends to show some love to a lefty today!

To my fellow left handers... you maybe left handed but you’re always right! Enjoy International Left- Handers Day.

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