Yesterday, after months of speculation The Democratic Nominee for President, Joe Biden, selected Senator Kamala Harris of California as his running mate for the 2020 Presidential election.

While I think the pick was a great one and a historic one as she is the first Indian American/ African American woman nominated for VP, I couldn't help but notice the strong online opinions about the selection.

Now, everyone in politics isn't perfect.

There is always someone running for office, who made a bad deal a long time ago or was responsible for incarcerating a group of people the masses wouldn't agree with or in other cases a person running or holding office that may have grabbed an uh.... well you know...every now and then.

Which brings me to the case of Kamala Harris.

A bright star in the Democratic Party who has come up in the ranks very quickly as she was a lawyer, prosecutor and Attorney General of the state of California.

The online criticism I noticed that was posted about her, ranged from her not being black and for the media to stop calling her black.

Look here:

Her dad is Jamaican.

Her mom is an Indian American.

Her dad smokes weed and eats and cooks jerk chicken.

She also graduated from Howard, one of the most prominent HBCU's (Historically Black College and Universities) in the country seems like she meets the criteria to me LOL..

But seriously, that's an issue?

She has been interviewed many times and identifies herself as black so leave that as that.


Another issue was her record as an aggressive prosecutor in California and that she incarcerated so many blacks and Latinos.

To that I always ask, was Kamala with these people when they decided to commit these crimes?

Well then SHUTUP.

Lastly, while Biden had numerous other selections he could have run with like Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, and Susan Rice who was favored to get the spot after Harris, it seems like she was the more reasonable pick.

She challenged him heavily in debates:


And is just plain tough check her out grilling Brett Kavanaugh On The Robert Mueller Investigation:


You want someone like that backing you up.

After scrolling and reading comments on Facebook about Biden's pick, I realized what I always knew you can't please everybody.

If you aren't voting this November for Trump or Biden, keep your mouth shut, nobody cares what you think!


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