Friends of mine from across the country check on me from time to time knowing I'm in Texas and ask ...are you ok? Are they protesting where you are?

Every time I reply back to them, I say everything is peaceful where I am - no issues, they aren't wildin' like they are in L.A. and Chicago.

But in Austin, it's a whole different story!

According to the Texas Tribune, 20-year-old Justin Howell, a Texas State University student, was shot with "less-lethal"  (less-lethal meaning whether rubber bullet or bean bag or both) ammunition over the weekend.

But the plot thickens!

There is a video that shows officers firing at people attempting to help Powell get care.

I’m very open-minded, so I understand when police have to use the rubber bullets, teargas, and beanbags to break up violent crowds.

I get it.

But there’s a huge issue when there are people trying to help someone that is injured, and you’re attempting to shoot at them as well!

Come on!





Howell reportedly has a fractured skull and brain damage, and is in critical condition at an Austin Hospital.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said cameras showed Howell standing by police when another man threw a water bottle and hurled his backpack at officers.

Police retaliated with rubber bullets and bean bags intended for the guy who threw the bottle, but hit Powell instead.

According to Manley, people attempted to give him medical attention and were given instructions to bring him to where police were. While transporting Howell to police, other officers shot at them, injuring another person in the hand.


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