Every time I'm out, people are always asking me, "How Can I Get My Song Played?". If you check my email, you'll see artists trying to see how they can get their music on the air.

Well look no further, 'cause we got an outlet for you!

Starting Sunday Night January 6th, 2019 we will begin a new show called "Bell County Bangas" hosted by myself and BossLady.

We will be showcasing all the artists from this area that need exposure.

Make sure your music is clean. That means no language we can't air on the public airwaves. Use the form below to submit a clean, mp3 version of the song you think ought to be played, along with your name and email so we can get in touch.

Check out Bell County Bangas starting Sunday Night January 6th at 9 pm on B106 Hip Hop and R&B!

Submit Your CLEAN Song for Bell County Bangas

Use this form to upload a clean version of your song in mp3 format, and it might get played on Bell County Bangas!
  • Your Name*
  • (If Different From or Preferred Over Your Legal Name)
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