Over 10 years ago Killeen rappers Lil Hood, Monk, JP the Pyrexican and Big Steve did a K-town Anthem:

But 10 years is a long time!

So a group of Killeen female MC's figured they would get together and do it, their way!

I briefly talked to Toni Cleopatra, K'mora, and Top Flyte about the new song "Ktown Anthem" and their upcoming projects, being from Killeen, Texas.



Toni Cleopatra has been doing it all! Poetry singing and rapping for years and really started getting serious about her craft about 2 years ago. She says she works with a lot of different producers in the area.


K'mora started signing and has been doing music for the past 3 years but has been writing all her life. Her engineer Chi suggested she rap and here we are today!


Top Flyte says her sound is diverse her mouth is a beast and has many different styles, she's worked with the Gripboyz.


They say the new K-Town Fe-Mix is the female perspective of the one released 10 years ago.

They haven't shot a video yet but you can hear the song Sunday night on B106


In this era of dominant female artists, it's good to see a few females step up and represent Killeen, are there any more?


Check out Bell County Bangas Sunday Nights from 9 to10pm on B106!


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