As the Bean Boozled Challenge goes viral across the internet, the Townsquare staff here at the station felt it was time for us to do our part. We all got together and took the time to do a Bean Boozled Russian Roulette across all our sister stations and sales staff. Greatness takes time to edit and produce, but the 'Gag Reel' does not, so here is a quick out-take.

It wasn't on purpose, but in the process of me eating a dog food jelly bean and immediately removing it from my mouth with my fingers and throwing it in the trash, I accidentally put my flavored fingers on our salesperson Marianne's shoulder. Her reaction will be forever 'savored' by all that come across it on the internet. Till the end of time, her yelling, "Did you rub it on me???" will forever be available on the world wide web.

Can I say one thing about this...?  "That's what she said!"

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