So a couple days ago I was on the phone my girl friends and we were chit chatting about our Baes and what not when one of my girls begin to explain this “Situation” she’s in. After hearing her talk for hours and yes I do mean hours I came to a conclusion that there are many females stuck in this exact same situationship.

Here’s the break down: If you are currently messing with someone and you guys are past the friendship stage but don’t have a title then you are in a situationship.

If you get mad at the person and they can say “Well we technically not together,” but you are cooking, sexing and going out your way like you are then you are in a situationship.

If you can’t post a picture of bae on social media without him sending you that “When you take that picture of me? Ima need you to take it down”, text then you are in a situationship.

Now, I personally do not suggest these type of arrangements because it will only get messy on either end but I also know that sometimes we want what we want no matter how we have to get. So below I’ve come up with some quick ways to get you through the situationship.

Always have options. Don’t get so caught up that you base your love life solely off of this person. I’ve seen plenty of women pass off a great dude because they were waiting on Mr. Situation to realize she was the one. (Note that majority of the time they never get it right)

  • Pay attention to their actions! Actions mean EVERYTHING- a person can tell you something all day but actions show you everything you need to know. If your situation tells you one thing but shows you different they are saying just enough to keep you around. Don’t play dumb!
  • Keep your emotions in CHECK. Do not get to emotionally involved especially if you know it may not work. We all have those people who we really know it wont work with but we still want to try it out but do not allow yourself to get hurt in the trying phase. It only causes more problems for the right one in the future.
  • Take what they say to HEART. 9 times out of 10 a person means exactly what they say- Joking or not. Think about it- to even tell a joke you have to believe it, see it or think it. Its never a coincidence when people say things.
  • Always remember this person is NOT your bae. You are not in a relationship and you have no title. Do not embarrass yourself by making things more then what they are. Always read between the lines.
  • Practice safe sex. Your situation does not have to tell you about anyone else that they maybe dealing with (I know it seems crazy but its what you decide when you pick to be in a situationship) Protect yourself.
  • Get out of the situation when ever you become unhappy.

I know I am not a relationship therapist but I have and know plenty of women that have been in this exact same situation. Remember to always put yourself first and do what makes you happy. Everything will come in due time.



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