This year B106 is something like the plug!

We're three weeks in with Bell County Bangaz and y'all aren't playing when it comes to submitting your music.

Now believe it or not Big O, Trey Tha CJ and myself actually sit down and listen to every track submitted and we all agree that the CenTex is full of talented people which makes choosing tracks hard but honestly some of you make it easy when you don't follow the rules!

So because I'm all for the grind and want to see everybody make it I've created a list of tips to consider when submitting a track for Bell County Bangaz!

Check it out..

1) Make sure your song is RADIO Edited! We are not allowed to play tracks with curse words such as Bi#$@, F&*@ and any other word you wouldn't want your kid to say!

2) A track that's TWO minutes or less will get more attention then a four minute song! We're trying to play as many artist as we can in a hour.

3) Please make sure it's professionally mix and mastered. We will not play anything that sounds like it was done in your friends bathroom.

4) We are a hip-hop and r&b station therefore we only play hip-hop and r&b.

5) Stop allowing your friends to jump on your track off the strength of a friendship. EVERYBODY can not sing!

6) You can only upload MP3's.

Now that you have the keys to greatness I can't wait to check out your music!

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