They're back. The three men who insisted they didn't try to impersonate a police officer have been indicted by the Bell County Grand Jury for doing exactly that.

News 10 reported back in June that James Mercer, John Burroughs, and Joshua Adkins were arrested for surrounding an area resident with their vehicles equipped with red and blue lights. The three were reportedly trying to apprehend a man who'd missed a court date. According to Major T.J. Cruz with the Bell County Sheriff's Office, the three activated blue and red lights atop their vehicles as they followed and stopped the man's wife near FM 93 and Spur 93. The three reportedly left the scene after the woman told them she was on the phone with 9-1-1. They were later taken into custody, and each was charged with impersonating a public servant.

When we reported on this arrest we had people who knew these men to accuse the media of making up this story. If I remember right one of them said our station should stick to playing Luke Bryan.

Well, it turns out that the Bell County Grand Jury also says these three individuals did break the law and that indictment was made official today. The arrest happened back on June the 5th near FM 93 and Spur 93. Police originally responded to a report of an armed subject. After arriving on scene the real police were told the three men had raced off toward Academy. Deputies located the trio soon after the tip.

The three individuals were arrested and put in jail in lieu of $100,000 bonds. According to jail records, none of the men are currently behind bars.

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