A snow cone business in Central Texas expressed shock after a man defiled their card reader.

According to a Facebook post by Frosti Cones in Belton, a man stuck his fingers in his mouth and proceeded to smear saliva on a card reader in order to gross out other customers.

Yes, seriously.

As if having teenagers licking Blue Bell cartons wasn't enough, now we have a man basically spitting on machines during a pandemic.

The unknown individual expressed his reasoning to a group of young women explaining, "Because this will gross you out, I dont believe in this b***s***!"

The company has replied on Facebook stating, "I don't care if you believe in this virus or not but respect our business and our customers."

The machine has since been sanitized, but the sheer inhumanity of the incident is enough to infuriate anyone. Mad props to Frosti Cones for handling the situation gracefully. I'm not quite sure I could have responded the same.

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