UPDATE: ESPN reports that Big Ten leaders voted Tuesday (Aug. 11) to postpone all fall sports seasons, hoping to be able to play in the spring.


The Big Ten just released its schedule less than a week ago, and now they've decided to cancel the football season altogether.

The fall college sports season is being canceled for the Big Ten just days after The Mid American Conference pulled the plug on its fall sports season.

And the hits just keep coming as ESPN is reporting that the remaining Power 5 conferences, the ACC, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC, could follow suit as early as tomorrow.

So no college football and no fall college sports. Saturdays are gonna be less fun with no games to watch. I mean I was just getting settled in as a Baylor Bear fan after a great season in 2019.

My wife is probably pretty happy though, and if I know her, she's making a list of 'honey do's' as I write this.

We still have playoff hockey, basketball, and baseball to keep us happy. and as of now the NFL is still a go. So all is not lost...yet.

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