The nostalgia factor is high with a new bar coming to Temple early next year.

Bit Bar, which houses 30 arcade games from the 1970s 1980s and 1990s is coming to Temple. A location that opened a couple of years ago in Killeen has proven popular with fans of classic arcade games, and now our parteners at KWTX report that a second location will be opening in March on the grounds of Dynasty Chinese Restaurant on Airport Road in Temple.

That's just a couple of blocks from the radio station, so we may be taking some long lunches.

The owners of Bit Bar say it is catered to the 21 and up crowd, but will have special hours for kids to enjoy as well.

One of the owners is Johnny Huang - the mastermind behind the Bell Comic Con. He told KWTX tracking down the best retro arcade cabinets hasn't been easy for him or his business partner, but it's worth it to see people connecting over games offline and reliving their childhoods.

If you want to recapture the fun of those old beat'em-up, lightgun, or arcade racer games, then get ready to welcome to BitBar to Temple in February or March of 2020.

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