I cannot stress enough how much I’m all about making sure I find hidden gems for everyone in Central Texas to enjoy. I was really waiting to see if anybody was going to mention this amazing place, but I guess it’s up to me to let y'all know about this amazing bagel spot in Harker Heights.

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Bite the Bagel Deli Cafe is by far the best bagel shop I have ever had in Central Texas.  I’m a bagel connoisseur and I love a  good lox and bagel dish with extra capers and red onions. This hidden gem located at 480 Farm to Market 2410 has never disappointed me.

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The staff when you first walk in are always so sweet and extremely professional, which is definitely a plus on top of the food being just being so good.

What makes Bite the Bagel different from all other bagel shops is they don’t just sell some of the most diverse bagels in Central Texas. No, the key is that everything is made from scratch from the hardy, savory liverwurst, all the way to the light but so delicious chicken salad.

It's really the perfect place to go on a Sunday morning when you’re wanting to just maybe grab a good newspaper and enjoy an early breakfast. Take my word for this - you will not be disappointed with how amazing the food and the service is!

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