Music is Life!

I literally listen to music all day! I'm either blasting music from my little ol iPhone or going crazy in the studio either way I'm getting my life with some of our fav artist and even some unknown ones as well.

Every week I find a new song that's in constant rotation and not all of them are "popular tracks."

So starting today I'll share my top 3 tracks of the weeks and hopefully it's some that may get you through your day!

1) Tink- Commitment

This is my favorite song of the week! Ladies, Tink will get you through some hard times. I hope y'all ready because 17' she's dropping "Think Tink."


2) Torey Lanez- Proud Family

Torey Lanez just recently dropped a mixtape by the name of "Chixtape 4" and he did his thing! If you were ever sleeping on him, it's time to wake up!


3) Jeezy- All There ft Bankroll Fresh

Jeezy The Snow Mannnnnn, this song have me feeling like I'm the hustler of the year!

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