Now that we've gotten through the trial run for 2019 it's time to turn it up a notch and make sure we are investing in self care.

For the month of February I am challenging you to a 28 day self care challenge.

This challenge is for all my fellow bosses, man or woman. If your always on the go, attached to your phone, and or considered the strong friend this is for YOU!

Day 1) Take a bath

Day 2) Celebrate

Day 3) Exercise for 30 min

Day 4) Go to bed early

Day 5) Make a gratitude list

Day 6) Call a friend and catch up

Day 7) Meditate

Day 8) Create a budge/ Put a few dollars up

Day 9) Eat breakfast

Day 10) Take a day off social media

Day 11) Schedule a doctors/dental visit

Day 12) Unplug for an hour

Day 13) Dance

Day 14) Write yourself a love letter

Day 15) Color

Day 16) Cook your favorite meal


Day 18) Watch a funny movie

Day 19) Take a nap

Day 20) Go to the movies alone

Day 21) Drink water all day

Day 22) Put $25 up

Day 23) Help someone

Day 24) Plan a mini getaway

Day 25) Get 8 hrs of sleep

Day 26) Pray for yourself

Day 27) Read your bible

Day 28) Go to dinner alone


self care

If you accept the challenge be sure to use the hashtag #Bosslady28DayChallenge

Keep up with my progress by following me on social media:

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