Summer in Texas can be a living nightmare especially when you're not prepared for the long 100 degree days.

This year makes my third year in the Cen-Tex and I think I finally got the hang of how to survive the summer.

Check out my "how to survive to summer" list below.

1) Drink plenty of water and mind the business that pays you!


2) Ladies apply heavy deodorant (invisible solid because no one wants to see deodorant balls under your arms) and invest in baby powder for the crevices (under the boob area)

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3) Leave those lace fronts and frontals in the closet until after 7 pm. you will mess around and have a heat stroke.

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4) Always WEAR PANTIES! I know some ladies like to free ball but the summer is definitely not the time to do that!

Offstocker, ThinkStock

5) Stay in the house until 7 pm unless it's an emergency errand.

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6) Fellas invest in shorts! Nobody should be wearing jogging pants in this heat.


7) When you in the club offer a chick a drink 9x out of 10 she's thirsty and it will make you look a little better.


8) Avoid hugs unless you are not a sweater. Don't nobody want to touch a wet back! Also, fellas, it doesn't hurt to carry a small towel to hit the forehead with.

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9) Shaveeeeeee! Hair traps odor.

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10) Stock up your bar. The best way to beat the heat is to have a drink!


I know you're wondering what would you do without me...stop it! Lucky for you, you don't have to wonder. You're Welcome!