According to News 10, the Brazos River Authority is warning Texans about "a rare but usually fatal illness" it says is caused by a water-born amoeba called Naegleria fowleri. The parasite resides in all lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds in the state.

It's mostly found when the water is 80 degrees or warmer, and especially if it's stagnant or slow moving.

"The Texas Department of State Health Services says most infections happen when the temperature is hot and water levels are low," News 10 reports.

Officials have said that the infection can enter through the nose when jumping or diving in the water.  It goes up the nose and enters the brain, where it begins eating away tissue.  This is scary stuff and needs to be taken extremely seriously.  If you see "No Swimming Signs" posted, by all means don't go in the water.

The amoeba can be found in waters throughout the world, but mainly thrives in warmer areas such as Texas.

Ways to help prevent the infection is to hold your nose or use a nose clip with jumping into the water.

Have fun out there this summer, but please be safe!

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