Bun B has an unlikely fix for fans still awaiting new solo material: creating viral cooking videos.

The Texan rapper, best known as one-half of former hip-hop duo UGK, began posting tutorials for meals like oven-fried chicken, oxtail and lobster mac and cheese to his Instagram several months back recently, but soon moved the operation over to YouTube earlier this month when the clips began amassing sky-high views. They’ve since been dubbed “Trill Meals,” aptly named for his solo records, all of which include some variation of the title “Trill.” He's started using the hashtag #trillmealz so people looking to join his cooking journey can find his past videos.

In an interview with Time, Bun B said he started making the one-minute clips on a whim. He and his wife travel often, so they cherish the times they’re able to cook at home together. The rap vet found other cooking videos to be “really technical and kind of bland” and “thought it would be fun to put a little voiceover on it sometimes.”

The tutorials are relatively straightforward, often involving amped up spins on southern classics like jalapeño cornbread, but benefit from Bun B’s off-the-cuff commentary: “Dip that thing and flip that thing,” he says in one video while preparing flour-coated chicken.

For those that have kept close tabs on the MC, the videos shouldn’t come as a surprise. He’s a noted foodie, and in 2013, even launched a food-oriented website called You Gotta Eat This, where users can share reviews and pictures of food that they’ve enjoyed. He hopes Trill Meals will encourage viewers to see food not just as an everyday chore, but as a way to spend time with one another.

“Everything is not always going to be perfect, everything doesn’t always turn out the way that we want to, but we have fun doing it,” he shared. “It’s really about the time that we spend together in the kitchen; it’s really not about the food, but about the communing.”

Watch Bun B’s Trill Meals tutorials below, and find his YouTube channel here.—Dana Getz

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