Rap beef just isn't the same anymore!

As fast as the rap beef between Camron and Mase began...it's over.

The two Harlem rappers were going head to head with diss tracks this weekend. It all started when Mase released "The Oracle" his first single after being on a rap hiatus for a few years. He threw a ton of shade at Camron and even called the man a snitch.

Of course, Cam wasn't going to just let all of the bad mouthing slides he followed up with a diss track entitled "Dinner Time."

Now would you believe after all of that woofing these two seem to have squashed the beef via twitter?

Check it out below...


Y'all see this it's right ‍♂️ ya man I hope he wit the shits tho

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I know hip hop OG's such as Jay-Z, DM and Nas are shaking their head at this crap. They could have atlas gave us a solid week of content.

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