Cardi B gifted her husband, Offset, half a million dollars in cold hard cash for his birthday.

The Migos rapper was celebrating his 28th birthday in Los Angeles over the weekend when his wife gave him the gift. While presenting the present to her husband, Cardi explained to that he owns every car, piece of jewelry and shoes. "What else can I give somebody that has everything?" she asked.

Cardi stuffed a refrigerator with 5,000 $100 bills, with the cash fridge holding all $500,000 in one rack. Once Offset learned what she gave him, he was speechless and shook his head. He began picking up the stacks of cash and by the time he had all of it in his arms, he had trouble carrying it.

"Happy birthday, but don’t expect no Christmas gift from me," she laughed in the video posted to her Instagram. "Ain't no Christmas gift, only for the kids!" The couple shares their 1-year-old daughter, Kulture, while Offset has three children from previous relationships.

Along with uploading the video of her husband's reaction to her lavish gift, the rapper also shared videos of his epic birthday party. The celebration included strippers, cash galore and Popeyes chicken sandwiches.

Watch the epic gift exchange, below.

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