I was tagged in this post the other day and had no idea about this story or just how it would move the Central Texas community.

After reading about a local dad asking Central Texans to send a few Christmas cards to his son and seeing our partners at News 10 report about it, I almost teared up. You always read of people asking for things around holiday time, but it's obvious that Belton dad Marty Mendoza isn't looking for money and is strictly looking for love for his autistic son.

Doctors said Marty Mendoza Jr. wouldn't live past the age of 15 because he is severely autistic. Well, he's 33 now and still very much alive.

The immense love his father has for his son is touching. Marty Sr. recently took to Facebook to ask for Christmas cards for his son. Marty Sr.'s full-time job is looking after his son, and he isn't able to do much Christmas shopping with all that responsibility.

As word of Marty Sr.'s wish spread across social media, Marty Jr. began receiving more than just cards. Folks from around the world started sending gifts, food, and even money that Marty Sr. says he plans to put into an account to make sure Marty Jr. is taken care of.

It's easy to lose sight of what the holidays are all about, especially after a year of everyone seeming to be at each other's throats about everything. When you see an outpouring of love and support like this for a man just trying to take care of his son, it reminds you that things aren't so bad out there and people can still come together for all the right reasons.

The trick is keeping this spirit going all year along. Let's all make that a New Year's resolution.



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