Cardi B is not afraid to clap back at trolls.

On Tuesday (Sept. 24), the Bronx rapper had some free time and decided to roast several internet trolls who tried to come for her on her Twitter timeline. Apparently, it all started when a person started criticizing Bardi and accused her of trying to rap like Nicki Minaj. This prompted the “Money” rapper to poke fun at the person’s weight. When other fans complained of Bardi’s comment, she explained why she had to deliver a vicious response to her.

For her tweet, Cardi wrote, "So she can continuously leave hate comments on my page and on dm but asoon as I tell her to stick to her diet which she claim she was on I’m fatphobic ? Wtf is a fatphobic? LMAO! Lucky I ain’t said worst. Matter fact eat a dick!"

Bardi then added, "I don’t give one single fuck. People are so soft now and days. How ya going to survive a lunch table?"

Bardi, who is planning to hit the road later this year, wasn't done yet. When another commenter tweeted to her about Offset's alleged infidelity, the rapper was quick with a hilarious response. "But since you wanna be funny, bro why you look like an ostrich?" she tweeted. Afterward, the 26-year-old artist later provided an image of the indigenous bird in another tweet for good measure.

Bardi had more clapbacks for other people who decided to jump on her timeline and make jokes at her expense. You can read the rest below.

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