This was a weird week for social media.

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I follow certain celebrities just to make fun of the dumb pictures they share. That is definitely the case this week. I present for your viewing pleasure, the crazies Twitter and Instagram photos of the past week.

These first photos were all tweeted by the one and only Miley Cyrus this past week. Apparently she "won't stop" until she takes awkward sexual pictures with every stuffed animal/furry animal in existence.

Miley's Twitter pics
Images via Miley Cyrus' Twitter page

These next few images come courtesy of Rihanna (top left and right) and Justin Bieber. I'm pretty sure these pics don't need any description. Rihanna shows off her range of ghetto fabulous styles, and Biebs hangs with Snoop Dogg...I mean Lion.

Rihanna and Justin Bieber
Images via Rihanna's Instagram/Justin Bieber's Instagram

Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on social media? Tweet me, @DaniOnB106!

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