CenTex Aaliyah Jones needs our help!

Aaliyah is apart of a track club called Texas Pursuit Track and Field. The team consists of 13 members ranging from the ages of 12-17 yrs of age. The team recently traveled to Reno, Nevada to compete in the AAU National Track and Field West Coast Championship to qualify to go to Junior Olympics.

The entire team it to participate in this year's Junior Olympics which takes place in Des Moines, Iowa July 30- Aug 4th. The kids have worked hard to reach their goals, but with this comes expenses. travel, lodging, and food.

Aaliyah is trying to raise money to help with these expenses. She is asking for our support in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

if you are willing to donate please visit Aaliyah's Way To Junior Olympics

Thank you in advance and good luck to the Texas Pursuit Track and Field team