Waco police think they have stumbled upon the person responsible for a string of burglaries thanks to a little help from karma itself.

Christopher Shadrock with NEWS 10 reports Waco Police Sargent W. Patrick Swanton said a call came in Wednesday morning from a man claiming he was shot in the leg by an acquaintance. Funny thing was, this man with a gunshot wound in his leg was wearing the same clothing as a reported burglary suspect who had stolen a .22 pistol. The same gun is responsible for the wound in the unnamed man's leg.

Police think the man's story is bogus. They responded to a home break-in in the 1000th block of North 66th Street about 10:30 Wednesday morning. A .22 pistol was stolen from that home by a man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and black pants. The exact same outfit the man with the gunshot wound was wearing. Hmmm.....

They got the call about the gunshot wound about 30 minutes later. While it's not 100% official yet, Waco police are pretty sure this guy stole the gun and later accidentally show himself with it.

While police tended to the shooting, they found in the suspect's possession other stolen weapons including an AR 15 reported stolen back in April.

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