Something I personally didn't think was ever going to happen, happened last night.

Eddie Murphy returned to Saturday Night Live.

The first time this happened in over 35 years.

Yes, 35 years!

Eddie left Saturday Night Live to pursue a successful film career and frankly never looked back.

It's been almost 30 years since he's done stand up, so to see him come back and show everyone he's still got it was a treat for everyone:

He rebooted characters that once made him famous on SNL in the 80's:

He was also able to bring back his classic characters and intertwine it with shows from today:

Here are more hilarious skits:

This one was very funny to me:

I took to Facebook to see if everyone felt the same as I did, and unanimously Eddie got the W!

Eddie will be back in a major way as he is expected to do a stand-up tour and also expect the release of Coming 2 America and much more!


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