Chance The Rapper helps honor victims of the Dayton, Ohio mass shooting.

According to a report the Daily Mail published on Sunday (Aug. 25), Chano performed at Dave Chappelle's Block Party at the Oregon District in Dayton. Chappelle held the Gem City Shine event in his hometown in order to uplift spirits in the area three weeks after  Connor Betts opened fire outside the area's Ned Peppers Bar and killed nine people while injuring 27 more on Aug. 4.

"The best way we can honor our fallen is by getting up better than we were before," Chappelle told the crowd. "We won't let those people die in vain."

The comedian invited a slew of performers and celebrity friends to come through for the benefit concert. Chance, who will hit the road for his new tour soon, performed songs from his new album The Big Day and shared the stage with singer Teyana Taylor, Talib Kweli, Thundercat and the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Chappelle's other famous friends like Chris Rock and comedian Jon Stewart also attended the benefit concert. Chappelle's event helped raise money for the survivors of the Dayton shooting as well as its victims.

See photos from Chance The Rapper's performance and more below.

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