A burned vehicle was found outside of a local business with charred remains in the driver's seat.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Copperas Cove police notified the Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office at approximately 1:45 PM on Thursday of a vehicle fire in the 2000 block of West U.S. Highway 190.

Officials discovered a four-door Ford pick-up truck inside a shallow gravel pit behind a cement business. When authorities looked inside the truck they found what they believe to be charred human remains in the driver's seat.

Officers are said to have found a semi-automatic pistol in the driver's seat as well.

Police were unable to identify the remains of the alleged person and vehicle at the scene.

“This investigation will continue to determine a positive identification of the remains and of the registered owner of the vehicle,” stated a press release from the Lampasas Sheriff's Office.

An autopsy has been ordered to identify if the remains are human, and who they may belong to.

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