Weeks after we ordered this free party pack from the Evil Dead Facebook Fan Page and forgot all about it, we got a visit from the UPS guy and unboxed some goodies!

Fans of the Evil Dead film franchise are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new TV series 'Ash vs Evil Dead', which picks up twenty-or-so years after 'Army of Darkness'. Bruce Campell is back as Ash Williams, the groovy guy with a chainsaw hand and a fist full o' boom stick.

Our party package included a t-shirt we can't wear (it's a large, and we're all...let's say "husky"), some rad Solo cups, a cool koozie, some groovy beer pong balls, and a sweet poster.

Check out the unboxing photos above, and don't forget to catch the Evil Dead marathon on Starz Friday night and the premiere of Ash vs Evil dead Saturday night. Klaatu Barada Nicto!