Both eccentric and a bit out of this world, Chief Keef and Andy Milonakis team up in the visual for their latest DP Beats-produced track, "Glo Gang"

The two first hooked up via Twitter and ended up collaborating on Chief Keef's Sorry 4 the Wait mixtape with "Hot S---." Now, the unusual rap duo are back together, letting fans know they're the "G-l-o-g-a-n-g. Money, we get plenty. Thots, we get plenty."

The track seems to follow in Lil Wayne's footsteps -- similar to Keef's Sorry 4 the Weight mixtape title -- and lyrically expand beyond the typical money, cars and women, though none of those cliche topics are overlooked.

"N----s out here snakes / N----s act like they your friend, they fake / They want the food up on your plate / They want your shoes, they want your skates," Chief raps.

Looks like the Chicago rhymer is trying to send a message. Watch Andy Milonakis and Chief Keef visit a trippy universe in the Sean Garrett-directed clip above.

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