Despite being cleared of wrongdoing by French police, Chris Brown's rape accuser still intends to move forward with a criminal investigation into the singer's alleged sexual misconduct.

According to The Blast's report published today (Jan. 25), the woman's lawyer, Franck Serfati, claims that he still hopes that a criminal investigation will be conducted and charges will be brought against Brown. Serfati's client initially accused the singer and two members of his entourage of rape, but then claimed Brown "cornered her in a locked room" of his hotel suite before he and others allegedly raped and assaulted her.

“We hope legally that the Public Prosecutor will open a criminal investigation to shed light on these very serious facts," Serfati said to The Blast. "For now, my client is in a situation of distress and the impression that her voice is not perfectly heard.”

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, asserts that she "was not pressured physically" into Brown's hotel room along with the group of over a dozen women who came back to his suite. However, she claims she was in an “environment with great psychological pressure” from large, older men, and was reportedly forced to snort a small amount of cocaine before entering the locked room with Brown.

Brown's lawyer in France, Raphael Chiche, has asserted that Brown plans to sue the accuser for defamation. On Thursday (Jan. 24), Chiche said he filed a complaint for slander against Brown's accuser, but Serfati says he hasn't seen the complaint yet.

“We will fight to thwart his defense strategy, especially since my client claims to be a victim of aggravated rape, allegedly committed by three individuals, whose explanations seem to contain contradictions," Serfati said.

The singer has maintained his innocence since he was arrested in Paris earlier this week. After he was released with no conditions, Brown went back to the same hotel with no fear of being hauled back to jail.

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